The Coalition for Euro-Atlantic Georgia joins the celebrations of Europe Days 2018 in the framework of the ‘GEnter’ campaign. From May 3 through May 9, a number of events will be held in Tbilisi and the regions, including open discussions, meetings with the population and students, and outdoor activities.

The events aim to increase the information level of students and interested parties about the ‘GEnter’ campaign, in order to develop a joint plan for combating the Russian propaganda and stereotypes containing the Russian narrative.

For this reason, the main part of the events will consist of open discussions with students and the population. Members of the Coalition for Euro-Atlantic Georgia, together with people of arts and culture, will hold discussions about the process of Euro-Atlantic integration. The main topic of the discussions will be ‘What Europe and NATO give us and what Russia takes away from us’.

In the framework of the ‘GEnter’ campaign, events related to Europe Days 2018 will be held in Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi, and Zugdidi.

From 11 AM on May 5, the information point of the ‘GEnter’ campaign will be installed in the ‘Eurovillage’ in Rike Park of Tbilisi together with those of member states of the EU, international organizations, diplomatic corps, and government structures. The guests will have an opportunity to receive detailed information about the benefits of European integration and the negative aspects of the Russian propaganda. In addition, members of the Coalition for Euro-Atlantic Georgia will inform guests about the campaign.