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About Us

Georgia’s integration with European and Euro-Atlantic structures is the country’s unconditional choice, which implies a better, more secure, and more developed country with a far higher level of freedom and well-being of the population.

  • European integration is going to strengthen the country’s economy and increase the employment rate.

  • European integration is going to open the door for business and agricultural industry towards the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area.

  • European integration is going to help us introduce better internal politics and governance.

  • European integration is going to give young people an opportunity to get a better education.

The ‘GEnter’ campaign aims to help increase the information level of the public about the benefits of integration with European and Euro-Atlantic organizations and with the developed world, as well as to ensure more involvement of the public in the process of correct comprehension and promotion of Western values.

The ‘GEnter’ campaign meets all the challenges related to false views that are common among broad layers of society. Today, as a result of the work of the Russian propaganda machine, there is a widespread view that European and Euro-Atlantic integration contradicts the country’s national interests and retention of traditions. It is precisely to dispel these incorrect myths, as well as to highlight the positive results and benefits of the process of Western integration, that Transparency International Georgia and the Coalition for Euro-Atlantic Georgia are conducting the ‘GEnter’ campaign which brings together 24 civil society organizations of various directions and fields.

The ultimate goal of the ‘GEnter’ campaign is to bring together the society of our country – the civil society sector, public agencies, businesses, active citizens, and all those willing to get actively involved in the campaign – so that the entire world, including the developed countries in the West, will see that Georgia’s choice has no alternative and that the strength for the Georgians is in Europe.