Representatives the Coalition for Euro-Atlantic Georgia and TI Georgia, together with supporters of the ‘GEnter’ campaign and people of arts and culture, have visited the Kakheti region.   

They met with the local population and students as part of the tour and provided them with more information about the benefits of integration with the EU and NATO, as well as about the influences of the Russian propaganda.

Participants of the tour included Eka Gigauri, the Executive Director of TI Georgia, Batu Kutelia, the Vice-President of the Euro-Atlantic Council, and Davit Sikharulidze, the Chairperson of the Euro-Atlantic Council, as well as Paata Sheshelidze, an expert on economics, screenwriters Davit Labadze and Giorgi Janelidze, and pianist Datuna Aladashvili. On May 20-22, they met with the population of Ujarma, Vardisubani, Chumlaki, Gurjaani, Tsnori, and Badiauri.

The tour included open discussions with students of Telavi State University and the Community College ‘Aisi’ in Kachreti. The main goal of the discussions was to increase the information level of the young people regarding the integration with Euro-Atlantic structures and about the Russian propaganda, in order to develop a joint plan for combating the Russian propaganda and stereotypes containing the Russian narrative. Euro Tours are also planned in other regions of Georgia as part of the campaign.